First Came Love...

First Came Love...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 Months Old

I can't believe my baby is 4 months old!  Her four month check up went great.  Dr. Economy was amazed by how strong Madeline is.  She is very active and often tries to get up and just walk away when she's done with bottles.  Maddy has discovered her feet and loves to grab her toes.  She can roll over both ways (not that she likes too) and is potty trained.  Yup, she seems to only poop on the bumpo!  Since the appointment, we have started Maddy on rice cereal!

Here are her stats...
4 months, 6 days
Height:  25.0 in (75%)
Weight:  12 lb 4 oz (19%)
Head:  39.4 cm (9%)
Such a big difference with height and weight. 
The way I see it, we have a future ballerina here!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day!?

The day began with Jon making me breakfast!  When I say Jon (I mean Jon and me). Jon said next year when we don't have a newborn, it will be breakfast in bed.  I'm pretty positive I will remember that!!!!!!  We tried out a new french toast casserole that we plan to make up north this summer.   In addition to the yummy breakfast, I received a nice gift card for a pedicure and manicure to a new salon in downtown Milford.

Shortly after breakfast, we went to Costco (where else?!) to buy flower pots for our front porch.  Then it was time to get ready for the Mother's day party.  This party was held at our house, of course.  Second weekend in a row we hosted a party.  We always said we wanted to host parties once we had a pad big enough, and finally we do!  Thank goodness for good weather (and folding chairs)!

Can you find the new mother in the bunch....???....
I see mothers, but not the new mother...

Nope, not her...

Definitely not him...


(sadly this is the only photo of me on my first Mother's Day- yikes!)
And as for that gift card for the new salon.  I came home from work on Friday with a pedicure.  Jon asked me how I liked the salon. I didn't have the heart to lie...I went to the cheap Asian spot on the corner.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Madeline's Baptism

On May1st, Maddy was baptised!
We had a lovely time at church...fist time EVER that Maddy was calm and slept.  When she had the holy water poured (literally poured, not drizzled) over her head, she woke up to quietly object, and went back to sleep!  Following the beautiful mass, Jon and I had family over to our house for some salad, pasta, breadsticks and of course, cupcakes! 

The gorgeous gown was made from my MILs wedding dress
Getting ready for mass
Parents, Godparents and Deacon Clem
Wasn't it just the other day Jon and I stood there getting married (minus Maddy)?
Sleeping Baby...sshhhh
Godparents doing their duties
Party beginning
Maddy was good long enough...
Madeline receiving a gorgeous necklace (and Nola drinking from a wine glass???)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Easter

Last year my mom, dad, Jon and myself spent Easter on a beach sipping Coronas...this year...Easter baskets, church, egg hunts, bunny ears, chocolate eggs, big ham dinner!!!

Jon and I bought Maddy's Easter dress in August...we were so excited to have a girl!
(seriously, we both really were)
Daddy's little girl!

Uncle Mike and Maddy

Karen supervising the egg hunt from the porch...with a glass of wine in hand (of course!)

Pink Ears- not to be mistaken for the real Easter bunny

Car ride home (with no paci in mouth- that's just how tired she was!)