First Came Love...

First Came Love...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Night Out

So far Maddy has gone to doctor appointments, a store in downtown milford, Target (of course!) with Grandma,12 Oaks Mall with Gigi, and a Mexican restaurant.  She does not seem to like being alone in the backseat of the car, but I'll keep taking her out so she'll eventually get the hang of it.  Any tips?

Our first restaurant experience was memorable!  We enjoyed Mexican food at a cute restaurant in downtown Milford.  Maddy of course cried the whole way there (all of 1 mile), but settled down when we got there.  She lasted 5 minutes before she started back up and needed her Daddy to hold her.  He let her suck on his pinkie to quickly calm her down before we got glares.  That pinkie works every time!!!

Gigi, Grandpa P, Mommy, Daddy, Maddy, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jon

Don't spill!!!!!!!

Here's an example of the pinkie trick.  She sure likes it when we give her the finger!  We're working on her liking the paci as much as her Daddy's pinkie.  He has learned to eat all his dinners one handed.  Poor guy.

Extra Special Visitors!

My 3 year old cousin Nola!

My 5 year old cousin Nathan!

Here's Nathan and Nola visiting me at the hospital when I was first born.  They loved watching my foot get pricked.  They sure were impressed that I didn't even cry!!!  After that they took me for a ride down the hall.  They each got to push my cart!

Here's my great Papa Charlie!

This is my Aunt Bebe.  She's so smart.  She's in law school at SLU.  She came all the way from St. Louis to visit me!

This is my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jon.  They live in Denver.  Aunt Rachel has come all the way from Colorado TWICE to visit me.  She's Awesome (as my onesie she gave me says)!

Check It Out...I'm 1 Month Old!

Mommy and Gigi went with Maddy to her 1 month check up.  Below are her stats (yes, she has a cute, adorable & small head)!

4 Weeks, 4 Days
Height: 21.5 in (64%)
Weight: 8 lb 9 oz (30%)
Head: 35.6 cm (15%)

I seem to spit up a lot now that I am one month old.  Dr. Economy has me on some medicine for it.  Mommy doesn't think it's working very well.  I HATE that it's mint flavored and try to spit it out.

0 Months Old

Look at me...I'm 0 months old!!!

Our first two visits with Dr. Economy went great, and here are her stats:

4 Days Old
Height: 19.5 in (44%)
Weight: 6 lb 4 oz (23%)
Head: 34.3 cm (32%)

11 Days Old
Height: 20.5 in (66%)
Weight: 7 lb 10 oz (34%)
Head: 34.9 cm (32%)

Daddy came with Mommy  to her appointment at 4 days old. 
Grandma came with Mommy to her appointment one week later.  Dr. Economy was impressed that in one week she gained almost a pound.  She asked me if I was feeding her miracle grow!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Madeline Ashleigh

We Welcomed Madeline Ashleigh

on January 13, 2011

at 12:34 PM

7 pounds, 4 ounces & 19.5 inches long