First Came Love...

First Came Love...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Months Old...OMG!

I can't believe Madeline is 5 months old!  Maddyis sitting up (with pillows nearby), can play by herself for about 1 minute (use to be like 30 seconds) and sort of likes her new jumpy thingy hanging between our kitchen and family room (soooo Pottery Barn)!

Highlights this month include learning to jump out of the bumpo and fly across the countertop (her legs are just that strong and skinny!), having her thumb nearly cut off by the nail clippers (guilty- still sick over it) and being burned by a cigarette butt at the Rockies vs. Tigers game (still in contact with Coors stadium about that one).  Maddy wasn't too bothered about landing on the countertop, her thumb has healed rather quickly, and she only has a tiny red scar on her neck from the burn bubble.  Poor cutie pie (such a trooper)!

Since school's out for the summer, I am hoping to have more time to blog about Maddy and our summer adventures.  I look forward to spending some quality Mommy and Maddy time.  So far since school's been out, Maddy has taken an airplane ride to Denver and back.  More about that to come...

5 Months

Just Chillin'

Trying to sit up, lounging about is for babies...

Whoopsies...fell over!


Mommy cut out my third nap, hard staying up so late!

At the Airport

Friday, June 3, 2011

Up North

We were super brave and took Maddy up north for Memorial weekend. This was her first trip up to Traverse City!   After much debating, we ended up leaving early Saturday morning.  I wasn't too sure about this at first.  It ended up working out perfectly.  Maddy was still tired in the morning when we left, and slept for hours (not to mention this meant Friday night could be spent relaxing at home with wine and pizza)!

Staying in the guest cottage was PERFECT!  The fully equipped kitchen allowed making bottles a breeze (well, maybe not a's still annoying as all get out).  Also, when Maddy woke up for her late night feeding, we didn't disturb anyone since we were in our own little house.  It truly felt like a vacation.  Too bad packing for two days was such an ordeal.  It looked like we packed for two weeks.  Ridiculous.  I have no idea how we will pull of Denver in a few weeks.  Good grief.

On our way...the one and only stop was for hot water (bottle warmer was a joke)

Officially summer!

The gang (clearly Grandpa's ready for dinner)

Nola and Maddy playing together

Jon playing around with the camera

More of Jon's "art"  (let's just hope he doesn't quit his day job)

Grandpa threw himself on the floor for this photo-so special

Maddy enjoying her new Sophie the Giraffe...she better enjoy it, cost a small fortune

Play time

The other Baby Madeline

Nathan singing You Are My Sunshine to Maddy (adorable!)

There's no place like home!!!